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Infrared heaters EIU-1.0 (EIU)

Rated power, kW 1,0
Current frequency, Hz 50
Mains voltage, V 220
Overall dimensions, mm 980x75x40
Mounting distance Lm, mm 960
Weight, kg, no more than 1,4
Service life, years, not less than 8
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Infrared heaters of the EIU-1.0 model are designed for additional heating of residential, industrial and office premises. Climatic modification UHL4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

How the product works
The heat flux that the heater emits freely passes through the air and heats the floor, walls and objects directly, which in turn heats the air. With this form of heating, the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling decreases, and there is no need to directly heat the volume of the room above the human occupation zone, which significantly reduces the energy consumption for heating.

During the operation of the infrared heater, no electrical discharges, electromagnetic fields occur, no noise is generated. Infrared heaters can be used in a wide variety of types of premises, for example, in warehouses, industrial buildings and all kinds of workshops, sports halls and educational institutions, conference rooms, hangars, offices, residential buildings, etc. The advantage of infrared heaters as a heat source is that the floor and wall space can be fully utilized, since such infrared heaters are suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall at a height of at least 1.8 m.


Infrared heaters are supervised devices.

Infrared heater EIU 1.0 - 1 pc.
Set of mounting parts - 1 pc.
Operation manual - 1 pc.
Packing - 1 pc.

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