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Infrared heaters EI (p) -1 (EI)

Nom. power, kW 1,0
Current frequency, Hz  50
Mains voltage, V 220
Overall dimensions, mm 1364x150x37
Weight, kg, no more than 5
Number of radiating panels, pcs 1
Mounting distance, mm 940
Heating area, m2 12
Min. suspension height, m 2,5
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Infrared heaters of panel type EI (p) -1.0 are intended for main or additional heating of residential, industrial and office premises. Climatic modification UHL4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

How the product works.

EI(p) yavlyayutsya obogrevatelyami zakrytogo tipa, kotoryye rabotayut po printsipu solntsa. Obogrevateli infrakracnyye EI(p) posylayut teplovyye luchi na poverkhnosti sten, pola, mebeli i na cheloveka, a vozdukh greyetsya uzhe vo vtoruyu ochered' ot soprikosnoveniya s nimi. EI(p) umen'shayut raznitsu temperatur mezhdu polom i potolkom, tak kak luchi nagrevayut poverkhnost', kotoroy dostigayut.

EI (p) are closed-type heaters that work on the principle of the sun. Infrared heaters EI (p) send heat rays to the surfaces of walls, floors, furniture and to a person, and the air heats up secondarily from contact with them. EI (p) reduce the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling, as the rays heat the surface they reach.

As a result, EI (p) can significantly reduce the cost of heating, since you do not waste energy on heating the air. It is possible to maintain the temperature in the room below normal, because EI (p) heats what is needed, namely people. Therefore, comfort is felt even at relatively low room temperatures.

A decorative aluminum profile is used as a front panel.

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