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Electric storage water heaters EVBK-17T

Power, kWt 1,25
Voltage, V 220
Diameter, mm 490х260х350
Tank volume, l 17
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Delsot CJSC offers wholesale and retail supply of heavy and light-duty residential and industrial water heaters produced at the factory in Miass.

Tankless electric water heaters are the quickest and the most efficient way to provide hot water supply. The flow of water is heated as it moves through the heating element. The device is compact and convenient for use in small spaces. The water heater is capable of supplying an unlimited amount of water at any time. The PEVN heaters are supplied with a shower or a set of kitchen faucet sprayers, or both.

Electric storage water heaters are designed for places, in which there is no centralized water supply system (summer cottages, garages, etc.). EVBK water heaters are compact. They are easy to install and operate. They heat up the water quickly and maintain its temperature for a long time. The equipment has relatively low power consumption.

The catalog contains EVBK tankless electric water heaters and PEVN electric storage water heaters. The capacity of the water heaters varies from 1.4 to 7 kW. The storage capacity of EVBC water heaters is 17 and 40 liters. All products have successfully passed mandatory certification for compliance with the requirements.

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